Serv – Why We Are Different

It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it

Why We Are Different – It’s Not What We Do, It’s How We Do It.

To distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we concentrate on how we conduct business and treat people. Being polite and professional doesn’t cost anything but it is hard work and it is emotionally tiring but is truly important in delivering a best in class consultancy service.

We do recognise that moving jobs and finding the right staff can be critical to a business and it can also make a huge difference to peoples lives in both health and wealth.

It is well documented that working life is full of stress and uncertainty. Our aim is to work with clients to find the right people and take the stress and uncertainty away from the process as far as possible.

We believe the key to customer service excellence is to effectively manage expectations at every stage of the recruitment process. Wherever possible we will under sell what we can achieve and over deliver on our performance. If we are unable to deliver we will always tell you but we will never let you down.

We are a privately owned company with a flat organisational structure, with Directors that are actively involved in the day to day running of the business. If something goes wrong, we can quickly take corrective action to recover the situation and make immediate decisions.

This enables Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd to be very flexible in how we recruit staff for you and provide such a high level of personal service to clients.

It is part of our culture that every employee must treat clients and candidates alike with the respect and dignity in the highest order.

We believe this will provide us with a reputation that  makes our clients proud to work with us and also for them to recommend our services to other organisations and to use us as a bench mark in recruitment excellence.

Equally important is our candidate experience, from initial application to being offered the job, or not getting the job. Timely and quality communication is vital to both candidates and clients and quite often we actively challenge clients to provide appropriate information where it is not already provided as part of their process.