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It’s personal, we build relationships

How We Work – It’s Personal, We Build Relationships

We recognise that each client will place a different value on each part of the services we provide and that each client will want to work their own way.

Ultimately everyone wants to find people who are relevant, available and whose expectations match those of the client. It starts with the brief and we would prefer that to be face to face, however over the phone is also fine until we are able to meet at a later date.

We listen carefully to the client’s requirements and also to what each candidate is looking for in a job and then match the skills, knowledge and competences accordingly.

Building close working relationships enables us to consult with each party in order to resolve queries, smooth out misunderstandings and achieve a win win result for everyone.

It is our policy to meet with every candidate who is selected by the client to attend an interview. If this is not possible within the time-frame, then a Skype interview is the next best option.

Most importantly, we check candidate identity, right to work and their proof of address at the earliest opportunity. It is very difficult to identify fake documents and whether the person matches the photo appearance if we don’t meet each candidate and examine the original documents.

We find that building great relationships with our clients promotes trust, develops credibility and results in a far more effective recruitment service to the client and also a very positive candidate journey.

We are also able to present the client company to candidates giving them all the relevant information to provide the best possible chance to secure valuable talent in a competitive market place.