Serv – Culture & Diversity

A caring and nurturing work environment

to build a rewarding and varied career


  • A place where people are focussed on what they are doing at any one time;
  • Where people are given the freedom to work on targets within predetermined measures;
  • A place where empowerment is not given, it is taken, by employees;
  • Where people are rewarded for commitment and loyalty;
  • Where only professional and ethical behaviour is acceptable;
  • We are a team where if one fails, we all fail and if one succeeds then we all succeed;
  • We are encouraged to take risks and take on the responsibility of our actions;
  • We like being rewarded for the work we do, are competitive, but only against the competition;
  • We never talk behind someone‚Äôs back, we talk to their faces;
  • Lying and being disrespectful is the worst offence that anyone could commit;
  • A place where change is worth it, if it can be improved;
  • Where constructive feedback is a gift and is not taken as criticism or a personal attack;
  • Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd seeks to provide opportunities which are there for the taking;
  • We feel it is important to celebrate our successes and examine our failures within a no blame environment, but avoid making the same mistake twice;


  • We look for people with different backgrounds and experiences to compliment our team in order to create a balanced approach to our everyday business activities;
  • We believe that just because someone has a different view, it does not mean that it is any less important;
  • We believe that by using recruitment techniques that involve the measurement of skills and competences, we can work in a bias free recruitment environment;
  • Where possible, we will seek to take into account every opinion that is offered at the point of taking a decision;
  • We will not knowingly make a decision that will affect any one particular employee, more or less favourably than another;