Adding value to your business

Clients – Adding Value To Your Business

Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd offers a unique business services approach to the recruitment of staff by making available our other services which complement the process.

We are also able to work with clients on a sole supply basis and incorporate Vetting & Screening and HR Services as part of our value added approach.

Many of our competitors will provide you with as many candidates as you want and more. However, in this competitive job market, finding a good CV is often not the only consideration.

Resourcing candidates who will fit into the culture of your organisation and who will have the right expectations and motivation in addition to a relevant Curriculum Vitae is a powerful and compelling combination.

Some clients have taken recruitment in-house, only to find that they are later totally swamped by the sheer volume and amount of choice open to them – so much so they find other important HR functions have fallen to the wayside. The person responsible for recruitment is then exposed to much greater pressure to deliver.

Working under pressure can lead to a client making decisions which later prove to be unsuccessful as the decision was made without thorough consideration and being able to identify a wider group of strong candidates for the role.

We feel confident that, given the opportunity, Peter Knight Recruitment will be able to demonstrate that outsourcing part or all of your recruitment activity can be cost effective and provide a fit for purpose service that will take away the pain and effort of trawling through endless candidates.

Many recruitment companies are good at telling you what they think they can do for you, but are rarely good at listening to what you really want. Peter Knight Recruitment will never make assumptions about what you need; rather we will listen to how we can make a difference to your current activities and always look to see how our service can add value and advise on relevant topics that you may find helpful.

Please contact us to find out how we can make a difference to how you recruit.

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