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Peter Knight Consulting Group Ltd

Our firm offers a wide range of services to large corporates, SMEs, Micro-businesses and start-ups.  Each client has specific needs and can pick which services add value to their organisations.

Business start-ups / new offices - HR, Recruitment, Vetting and Screening services,

Using our integrated Human Resources consultancy, we can provide everything you need to find people, vet and screen them, pay them and help manage them to build and grow your business.

We look for long term relationships and so provide cost effective value for money solutions. By integrating our services we are able to offer client savings and provide fast and flexible results.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - HR, Recruitment, Vetting and Screening services,

Having started your company and developed your market and proved your company viability, you may have coped by using free advice, employing friends and relatives and learning the hard way. At this stage you will have realised that if you get something wrong, the implications can be so serious, that your very existence is at risk.

Using our integrated HR services, you can pick and mix the level of services that you want. If you have a HR related problem then we will always provide you with a range of solutions from which you can select a preferred option. However we will also point out some possible outcomes and their impact.

It can be very lonely at the top, particularly when you have a number of simultaneous people issues and they can very quickly get out of control. Call us for a confidential discussion to see how we can help get you out of trouble on 020 7248 6932 or click here and ask for a call back.

Large corporates - Recruitment, Vetting and Screening, Outplacement, Personal Development

We work across all sectors and can supply suitable candidates across the UK. Whilst we concentrate on clients in London and the South East, we regularly work across the UK where those clients have other offices.

Peter Knight Consulting Group Ltd


Providing Human Resources solutions to the business community.



Peter Knight Consulting Group Ltd

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